Bob Fine

For Park Board - 6th District - 2021
Passion - Experience - Leadership

Preserving the Best Urban Park System in the Country

About Bob

Service to the Community

    In my sixteen years on the Park Board, I followed through on my commitment to the community to increase the involvement of YOUTH IN OUR PARKS, improve our fields, trails and facilities, while preserving our natural environment and improving WATER QUALITY of our lakes and creek.

    I want to return to the Park Board to keep the focus on my efforts to preserve the best urban park system in the country.  With your support I was able to accomplish the major developments I led, while maintaining the urban forest and using all resources to improve and maintain the system.  

    I accomplished this while BALANCING THE BUDGETS in tight financial times and protecting essential to the community while supporting our neighborhood parks.  I want to continue serving the community, I have put THOUSANDS OF VOLUNTEER HOURS into our neighborhood parks and will continue to do so.  I am committed to implementing the Comprehensive Plan, I worked so hard on, our vision in the future, and will continue to work with various watersheds to keep our lakes clean.

    Thanks for the support, I will continue working for you.

Bob Fine for Minneapolis Park Board / Political Campaign